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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CSA right for you? How does it work? Read on to find out.


What’s in each box?

The contents of the box change each week depending on what is in season and ready to harvest.Check out our crop list to see the variety of crops we grow.


We’ll always aim to fill the boxes with a good variety of greens, root crops, herbs and in season sweet treats like peas and strawberries.

How big are the boxes?

We offer boxes in two different sizes.


Our small box ($15/week) contains an average of 4 items and is great for a single person or folks who want to supplement what’s in their own garden.


Our large box ($30/week) contains an average of 8 items and works well for families and people who cook dinner at home all week.

What if I’m allergic or hate a vegetable?

In our sign-up form, please let us know about any veggie/fruit allergies you or your fellow box eaters have.

If you’d like a box without certain products that many people can’t eat, like nightshades (the tomato family) and alliums (the onion family), let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate that too.

Each pick-up hub as well as the farm pick-up has a trade bin, where you’re welcome to pull an item out of your bag and trade it for something else.


If these options won’t work for your diet, we recommend teaming up to buy a CSA with a friend or staying tuned for other options to place custom orders with us after we harvest for our CSA members.


How much is it? How do I pay?

The small box is $300 for the 20 week season. The large box is $600 for the 20 week season. Both options let you have weekly vegetable boxes from June to October.


Pick up from the farm is free or we’re more than happy to bring your box to a neighbourhood pick-up hub every week based on our sliding scale delivery fee.


You can pay upfront before the season starts or in monthly instalments. We accept payment by e-transfer, cheque or cash. Visit our Nuts and Bolts page for more details.

How does the sliding scale delivery work?

We’ve chosen to go with sliding scale delivery to balance the needs of our community to receive fresh veggies in town with the time it takes us to transport them.


Our weekly hub fee is $0-$3. ($0-$60 over the course of the season.) 

We want to make access to veggies as accessible as possible for you and as sustainable as possible for the farm so please choose the delivery cost that works for you.


If you’re comfortably employed, have savings and money for fun, please pay near the top end of the scale. If you’re unemployed, ineligible for benefits, doing unpaid care work, immunocompromised or struggling financially, we’re happy for you to choose the lower end of the scale.

What happens if I go away for a week or two?

Unfortunately we aren’t able to offer a refund for weeks when you’re unable to grab your box. But you can send a friend or family member or the random person you met on the bus to pick up your box and enjoy it in your place.


If you don’t know anyone who wants to eat your week’s veggies, just let us know and we’ll donate your box to someone who could really use it!

What if I don’t know what to do with the veggies I get?

Don’t fear!


Every week, you’ll receive a newsletter with the names of veggies that are coming your way. As well, we’ll include some recipe ideas with the week’s produce to get your cooking going.


And when in doubt, everything we grow tastes great either in a soup, a salad or a stir-fry!

Can I buy a CSA for my friend, parents or neighbour?

Of course! We think it’s a great present idea. Just let us know who it’s for and which pick-up option they’d like.

Are there other perks in joining the CSA box program?

Other than the obvious perks of getting fresh, local veggies harvested just for you and knowing that your grocery budget is staying in the local community and supporting a young, queer farmer, we hope to be able to host farm events specially for our CSA members in the future.

Once COVID restrictions have lifted and we’re allowed to gather once more, stayed tuned for farm tours and the ultimate Rake and Radish Fall Fair. Yes, we’re already designing the racetrack for some epic zucchini races.

You haven’t answered my burning question!

Send us a message by email at ardeo [at] rakeandradish [dot] ca or through the contact us form and we’ll be more than happy to answer.