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Flower Share

While I manly focus on growing veggies at Rake and Radish Farm, I also love growing cut flowers. They add great colour to the fields, help attract beneficial insects and are just so much fun to have around!

Flower Share:

A flower share is available to anyone who signs up for the Veggie Box Program. For just $105 plus tax, you receive a fresh bunch of flowers every week for 12 weeks.

Each week at the pickup hub, you choose the bunch of flowers you’d like from one of the buckets.

The flower share features all of the flower varieties grown at Rake and Radish, including snapdragons, dahlias, sunflowers, zinnias, asters and lots more!

Most of the flowers are unscented to help make them more accessible for folks with scent sensitivities.


While the flower shares are mainly reserved for Veggie Box members, a limited number of stand alone flower shares are available for farm pickup on Tuesdays only. Stand alone flower shares are $120 plus tax for the season. If you’re interested in just ordering weekly flowers, please get in touch.

Two bouquets on a table