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Farm Profile: BC Eco Seed Coop


An interview about Rake and Radish Farm from the BC Eco Seed Coop

Let’s Talk About Labour and Your Local Produce


“If you can ask how the chickens are living/being treated, you can ask if the workers have access to a bathroom!”

~Not Our Farm

A pamphlet designed by farm workers encouraging consumers to ask more questions about how their local produce is being grown

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The CSA’s Roots in Black History


Learn more about the history of CSA box programs.

Young Agrarians


If you’re looking for a farm job, land to lease or farm business training, Young Agrarians is the place to go

Resources for Settlers from the W̱ŚANEĆ Leadership Council


Resources, a reading list and information on making regular financial contributions 

What’s in season on the Island


Find out more about what is ready when on Vancouver Island with this crop by crop guide.

IOPA Organic Certification Practices


Rake and Radish Farm, though not certified organic, strives to follow the organic regulations as outlined by the Islands Organic Producers Association. Read the regulations to learn exactly what that means.