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Privacy Policy

Every website should have a well developed and clearly worded privacy policy. 


Find out more about who we are and how we grow our vegetables 




Ardeo has dreamed of being a farmer their whole life and they are so thrilled to be launching a small scale vegetable farm.

Land Acknowledgement

Rake and Radish Farm and the relationship between farming and colonization.

IOPA Organic Certification Practices


Rake and Radish Farm, though not certified organic, strives to follow the organic regulations as outlined by the Islands Organic Producers Association. Read the regulations to learn exactly what that means.

What is CSA?

Find out more about Community Supported Agriculture 

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out whether CSA is a good choice for you

Nuts and Bolts

Find out when, where and how to get on board.

What’s in season on the Island


Find out more about what is ready when on Vancouver Island with this crop by crop guide.

Crop List

Check out our crop list to discover the wide variety of veggies, fruit, flowers and herbs we grow through the year.